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Dear Dad

With Father’s Day around the corner (this Sunday, June 18), I’ve been thinking a lot about my dad. He will be 96 this year and although he is not as quick-minded as he used to be, I am ever so grateful that he is still with us. I’ve written many times about my dad. His kind heart, gentle nature, hard work, and perhaps more than anything, ability to put up with a brat like me. He is someone I can only aspire to be like.

With Dad, Then and Now

As I was mulling over writing this post, I thought I would look for some inspiration by finding what others had written about their dads. Outside of the “fill-in-the-blank” letter templates devoid of any real substance or meaning, what surprised me most was the number of posted letters that were only written after their dad had passed away. Many of these vignettes of life were filled with loving memories, accolades, and yes, regrets. Perhaps these letters were a way to help them through their grief, but I still wondered why these letters couldn’t be written while their fathers were alive. How much more meaning they would have had.

We are great procrastinators, us humans. There is always tomorrow, until there’s not.

So, on this Father’s Day, I encourage you to think about lessons you learned from your dad (or father figure in your life). Some of you may think of many things, others may struggle. Just remember, all dads have their issues; after all, they are human. And, if your dad is still with you, do more than hug him or write the obligatory “Happy Father’s Day” note on the card and really tell him how much he means to you and all you have learned from him.


(to be continued)

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