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For all its eventfulness, 2020 has, for many, been a lost year. Beyond the enormous loss of human lives, the pandemic impacted the lives and livelihoods of so many people. As the year comes to a close, the new year offers us some hope and light. It is a great time to reflect and reset, and after the events of last year, it is even more important than ever to reconnect with what really matters most to you. Whether it is reconnecting with loved ones, community, your inner self, or something else, it brings with it the promise of a renewed purpose.

2020 representing our beginning as we took our first steps. We forged partnerships with seven non-profits, all working on the front lines to help solve emerging issues caused by the pandemic: food security, homelessness, health and well-being, care for the elderly, and after-school support and education. In 2020, our grants helped,

  • Donate over 250 PPE masks

  • Deliver over 60 care packages and 1,400 meals to families in need, home-bound elderly adults, and homeless individuals

  • Provide Christmas gifts to children from families who are struggling financially

  • Expand several of our partner's capabilities and services

  • Create internships for several unemployed and disadvantaged young people

To all our supporters, thank you. We never could have accomplished so much in 2020 without you, and we are looking forward to working together to do bigger, better in 2021.

As we begin our second year at Red String, we are planning to further our mission to bring innovative solutions in education, community services, and elderly care. We are also planning to begin development of a new Red String signature education initiative. Opening the art of the possible for children and youths is one of the strategic objectives of Red String's Education Focus Program. To deliver on this, we are working to establish powerful new partnerships with Industry and proven Education nonprofit organizations to help create meaningful information and resources that will engage students to help them build a bridge between academics, life skills, and potential career paths.

I am also looking forward to the day we can finally turn the page on the pandemic allowing us to build better, stronger relations with our partners and supporters. As much as our transactions, social and online media, video calls and emails helped us connect to people, there is nothing that can replace a handshake or a hug to build genuine trust and friendship.

We will continue to do our best to live up to our name as a representation of protection, faith, good luck, strength, and connection, and a beacon of hope to those we serve. So, as much as all of us can't wait to forget about the events of 2020, let's not forget what the pandemic did to us, and commit ourselves to reconnect, help bind each other's wounds, and work together to bring hope and a brighter tomorrow.

Watch: Strings

(To be continued)

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