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Keeping the Dream Alive

This February 19, as we remember Jeff on this 3rd anniversary since his passing, we reflect and recommit ourselves to his vision for creating a more just and fair society, and continuing his commitment to the city that he loved and the communities and lives that he sought to protect and uplift.

Jeff always believed that power comes from the people; that the leadership lies within the community; that any change is impossible without action; and that the only way to create change, true change, is by making sure that we empower the people who are most affected by that change to be in a position to have a voice, to have the support and the resources that they need to be successful. Only by working and standing together would we be able to achieve that.

He called this community empowerment.

The Red String Jeff Adachi Legacy Project (JALP) was created to forever remember and carry forward Jeff's ideals. The project is designed to focus our efforts in the San Francisco Bay Area by selecting, collaborating with, and empowering charitable community organizations whose missions best represent Jeff's ideals and vision by providing resources and support. By providing at-risk youth with the resources and support for them to succeed in life, promoting reform by increasing awareness of social issues, and helping to create safer and healthier communities, we aim to bring to life Jeff’s spirit, dreams, and legacy.

We welcome you to join us.

Legacy Project's Grant Recipients:

  • East Bay Asian Youth Center - support services to over 700 Oakland elementary, middle, and high school students with an integrated array of academic, health education, and career learning activities.

  • Kimochi, Inc - serving elderly adults in San Francisco's Japantown and surrounding communities

  • MAGIC Programs - community networking and juvenile violence prevention organizations: B-Magic serving the Bayview/Hunters Point and Mo-Magic serving the Western Addition districts of San Francisco

  • United Playaz - a violence prevention and youth development organization serving the SOMA district of San Francisco for over 25 years.

Follow our Project Activities:

(To be continued)

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