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Our Story Begins

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Much like how an exquisitely woven tapestry is made by weaving threads of various colors and textures to create an unforgettable work of art, a well written story is a woven collection of memories, experiences, and events that pulls us in, touches us, and leaves us in a better place, yearning for more. With memories yet to be made, experiences yet to be lived, and events yet to be fulfilled, our tapestry begins at the very beginning.

As I reflect upon the year that passed, I came to realize that the beginning of Red String started long before me. Its origin can be found in my family and the values, traditions, and ideals that have been passed down through the generations. This is why the story of Red String could never be told without first knowing the story of our family.

Like most families, our family has a rich history of strong values, life changing experiences, and treasured traditions. Although both the Adachi and Itaya families have very unique stories, they share many similar chapters: both families came from poor and humble backgrounds; immigrated to the United States from Japan in the early 20th century in search for a better life; weathered the hardships of pioneer life; faced discrimination and anti-immigrant laws; survived the Great Depression; and were incarcerated in Japanese American internment camps during WWII. Yet despite all that they endured, they never stopped believing in the promise and ideals that America represented. Through hard work, resilience, charity, and their family, friends, and community, they were able to overcome the hardships and adversities with grace, dignity, and an enduring spirit. To learn more, please visit Generations.

Family is where our story begins. It is our heart, strength, and soul.

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