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Our Focus

In one of my earlier entries, I talked about how we came up with our mission and objectives. Our objectives form the basis of our programs with a focus on,

  • Children and Youth Education: Support early learning educational programs that teach and empower children and youth from under-served communities to feel valued, capable and self-confident.

  • Communities: Support local community-based services that help build community and create opportunities to improve the livelihoods of residents to move forward in life.

  • Elderly Care: Support elderly services that address both the way we care for the elderly and provide support to primary family caregivers.

We believe that people can improve their own lives when provided with the necessary skills, knowledge, support, and access to resources, but how we accomplish this has and will continue to evolve as we learn more and grow.

We have learned that we can bring added value by evaluating a range of charities with disparate missions, identifying synergies, and executing grant projects that can benefit multiple charities. One example was the need from several elderly care and youth development charities for personal protection equipment (PPE) and recognizing the sewing capabilities of another charity, Wrap the Kids. This exchange ultimately led to a grant project that provided funding to Wrap the Kids to create PPE that then were delivered to other partner charities.

While our original strategy of collaborating and investing with partner charities will remain unchanged, we have also come to the realization that there are gaps that we are in a unique position to help fill by creating our own value-added programs and content. We are currently developing a program that will reach and motivate students in a meaningful way, creating an environment to engage students to help them build a bridge between academics, life skills, and potential career paths.

Because we collaborate with a variety of charities supporting a wide range programs around education, community viability, and elderly care, Red String is different than the typical nonprofit charity that usually focuses on a singular issue. This diversity allows us to not only help solve a wide range of issues facing our communities, but more importantly gives us a lot of flexibility to adapt to an ever changing world and focus our energy and investments to the areas with the greatest needs. The benefits of this flexibility became clear with the COVID-19 pandemic as we worked collectively with our partners to address emerging issues impacting their communities including food security, unemployment, health and wellness, homelessness, and remote learning.

Even as our charitable giving and capabilities will continue to evolve, our strategies will remain unchanged. We are steadfastly focused on our core programs; productivity and internal innovation; growing our capabilities, outreach, and scale; and focusing on our people, supporters, and partners.

Over the next several blogs, I will go into some detail about each of our programs, the drivers behind the objectives, and our key measures of success.

(to be continued)

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