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Why Education Matters

When I was growing up in Sacramento, I went to public schools. Looking back, I am very glad that I did. I think that it opened me up to a lot of what was going on in society. I mean, it was diverse and helped open my eyes to reality...different people, cultures, and behaviors, social issues, and economic inequalities. I think it helped shape who I am today. In my school days, I was just an average student with no real direction which makes it even more of a wonder that I have been able to achieve so much in life. In many regards, I was very fortunate to have parents and friends who encouraged and pushed me, supported me in so many ways, and instilled values that helped me make the right choices.

I realize that not every child is as fortunate.

This is why I believe that of our three Focus Areas, Red String's Education Focus Program has the most potential to exact meaningful change. Study after study have shown that when provided with the right resources and environment that children can thrive, boost their academic achievements, improve their self-esteem, strengthen their ties to the community, and create life opportunities. At Red String, we do not purport that our program can solve the whole education gap problem or save every student, but rather, we believe we can help narrow the gap by providing students the encouragement, support, and development to help them make the right choices, discover their own passions, learn life skills, and achieve meaningful lives and fulfilling careers.

(To be continued)

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