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Operating Model

We utilize an operating model to support our business strategy and provide a framework to achieve our business objectives.

Operating Model.png

The Red String Operating Model:

Starts with our objectives that invests in 3 focus areas:

  • Children and Youth:  We support early learning educational programs in both STEM and the Arts that teach and empower children to feel valued, capable and self confident.

  • Communities:  We support neighborhood and community based programs and services that advances the educational and well-being of individuals and families to help them in their journey forward.

  • Seniors:  We support senior living and care programs that promote the general welfare and enhance the quality of life of older adults that enable them to lead joyful, fulfilling, and meaningful lives.

We shall accomplish these objectives by building strong relationships with our supporters and partner charities who share our vision and help us to continually grow our capabilities; and work to continually improve our operations and effectively manage our business. 

By growing our capabilities and lowering our costs, we can continue to have more funds available for grants, and subsequently, increase our abilities to affect positive change, improve services, and have a greater impact to the organizations and communities that we invest in.


By expanding our footprint and reach, ensuring our partner charities perform to plan, and staying true to our values, we will deliver on our promises and delight our stakeholders including our partner charities, their beneficiaries and the communities in which they serve, our donors, supporters, and UAIAI members, and our employees.   

If we can delight our stakeholders, we can can continue to grow, which allows us to meet our business strategies of increasing our footprint and reach, ensuring our long term commitments, and continually improving our operations.

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