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Our Aspirations

Sustainability    Footprint    Effectiveness

Sustainability - Footprint - Effectiveness

Sustainability is about ensuring our long-term commitment by maintaining strong financial health; building lasting relationships with our stakeholders who believe and share in our mission and values; and continually improving our capabilities.  Footprint is about expanding our impact and influence to affect positive change.  Effectiveness is about meeting or exceeding expectations of our stakeholders. 


These three elements are interwoven for you cannot have one without the other.  We cannot expand if we are not financially healthy and have stakeholders who believe in us.  We cannot expect our stakeholders to believe and have trust in us if we don’t meet their expectations, stay true to our values, and are committed to be there for the long-term.  We cannot grow or be financially healthy without a base of ardent supporters and strong partner charities.    All of this is wrapped around our values of building strong relationships; to operate with purpose and commitment; to act with transparency and integrity; to always be respectful to everyone we meet; to be accountable for our actions; and to ensure our viability and sustainability. 


At the end of the day, we are nothing without our values.


 Our long-term strategic goals will allow us to achieve our aspirations.  The long-term strategic goals are,

  • Increase total assets by 2x in 10 years

  • Increase grants by amount or volume by 5x in 10 years.

  • Execute to plan and maintain operating costs below one percent of revenue.



Long-term Commitment

  • Maintain strong financial health

  • Build lasting relationships with our all our stakeholders who share and believe in our mission. 

  • Goal: Increase total assets by 2x in 10 years



Expand Our Impact

  • Expand our outreach and increase our impacts

  • Grow our impact and influence while staying true to our values.

  • Goal: Increase grants by amount or volume by 5x in 10 years.



Do More for Less

  • Make all our stakeholders proud of us through our action, transparency, and outcomes.  

  • Maximize available grant funds

  • Goal: Maintain less than 1% expense ratio

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