Our Values

Not just words, their personal.

Value 1 - Relationships.png


We will build enduring relationships with all of our stakeholders through trust and transparency, staying true to our values, and being good stewards of our mission

Value 3 - Integrity.png


We will maintain the highest standards of professional and ethical behavior and value transparency and honesty in our actions, relationships, and communications.

Value 5 - Accountability.png


We will honor our commitments to all of our stakeholders and hold ourselves responsible for the quality and enduring results of our work.

Value 2 - Purpose.png


We will never be satisfied with good enough and will continue to reach higher in everything we do.

Value 4 - Respect.png


We will observe, listen, understand, and assist. Our compassion is what will guide us to where we are needed most and what we can do to help.

Value 6 - Sustainability.png


We will ensure our long-term viability and organizational impact by growing and diversifying our income base.