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Growing Up

From all of us at Red String, we wish you and yours a very happy and prosperous 2023. Let's all pray that the year will bring hope to those in need, light to those who sit in darkness, and more kindness and joy to everyone.

If I were asked to describe 2022, I would say that it was the year we took our first steps from childhood to adolescence as we set the path toward more self sufficiency and growth. It is a time that is often difficult to navigate, but necessary in order to realize our full potential.

Growing up is a process. We experience new things; meet new people; we fall; we get up; we learn at each and every moment of our lives; and with each step, we grow. We keep moving forward, and thus, we live.

Some may argue that growing up ends when we die, but I would suggest that it is something that never ends. With each generation, lessons, values, and experiences are passed down to the next, and in so doing, our life's journey lives far beyond our physical being. We call this family. It is something that we hope to cultivate here at Red String.

And so, we start 2023 with this in mind.

2022 was the start of a transition for us as we completed the initial endowment, suspended the supplemental budgeting we had put in place over the past three years in response to the economic uncertainties from the pandemic, began to explore and pursue new fundraising ideas, and actively sought the right talent to help shape and create the future of Red String.

What does 2023 have in store for us?

This year, our work will be centered around moving the organization to become much more self-sustaining and sufficient while continuing to deepen our relationships and grow our outreach and impacts. It won't be an easy road, but we have a great team that has gotten even better as we welcome three new leaders to our team, Valerie Beyer, Pam Mabry, and Anna Sheen, whose diverse wealth of experiences and knowledge will help us chart the course.

In some respects, 2023 will include many of the strategies we started in 2022, exploring and pursuing new sources of revenue, building stronger bonds with our partners and supporters, and maintaining our focus in our giving, but it will also include critical strategic initiatives as well.

One such initiative is a study we have been working on to determine whether Red String should transition to a public foundation. It is a huge decision for the foundation and although we believe there are many benefits to becoming a public foundation, there are also many regulations and rules that would need to be carefully considered and weighed by the board for this to occur.

I am filled with hope and excitement for the year ahead and looking forward to working with Val, Pam, Anna, and the rest of the Red String team as we re-imagine the future of Red String and continue to build upon our past successes.

So, please stay tuned-in through our social media channels, quarterly magazine, and blog to keep up to date on our progress and activities.


(to be continued)

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