Terms and Conditions

Red String Terms and Conditions:

Below is a list of standard terms and conditions frequently included in our project support grant agreements.  This is not an exhaustive list and is subject to change from time to time at our sole discretion.  Not all terms and conditions may be applied to grant agreements depending on such factors as laws and regulations  project scope, risks, grant size, and complexity.  This list is provided for informational purposes only and does not imply an award, agreement, or offer to contract.

General Terms and Conditions

C1.0: Tax-Exempt Status: You are a nonprofit organization currently recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a public charity described in sections 501(c)(3) and 509(a)(1), (2), or (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 as amended (the "Code"):

  • Your tax-exempt status under sections 501(c)(3) and 509(a) of the Code has not changed since the issuance of the IRS determination letter which you provided to the Foundation, and
  • There is no issue presently pending before any office of the Internal Revenue Service that could result in any proposed changes to your tax-exempt status under Sections 501(c)(3) and 509(a) of the Code.

C2.0: Expenditure of Funds: This grant (together with any income earned upon investment of grant funds) is made for the purpose outlined in the grant award letter and may not be expended for any other purpose without the Foundation's prior written approval.

  • The funds must be used specifically for the designated purpose(s) within one year from date of grant, unless otherwise stated in the Grant Letter.

  • Any portion of the grant unexpended at the completion of the project or the end of the period shall be returned immediately to the Foundation.

  • You may not expend any grant funds for any political or lobbying activity or for any purpose other than one specified in section 170(c)(2)(b) of the Code.

C3.0: No Assignment or Delegation: You may not assign, or otherwise transfer, your rights or delegate any of your obligations under this grant without prior written approval from the Foundation.

C4.0: Required Notification: You are required to provide the Foundation with immediate written notification of: (1) any changes in your organization's tax-exempt status; (2) your inability to expend the grant for the purposes described in the grant award letter; or (3) any expenditure from this grant made for any purpose other than those for which the grant was intended.

Written notices, requests, and approvals under this Agreement must be delivered by mail or email to the Foundation’s primary contact as specified on this Agreement, or as otherwise directed by the other Party.

C5.0 Publicity: You will allow the Foundation to review and approve they text of any proposed publicity concerning this grant prior to its release. The Foundation may include information regarding this grant, including the amount and purpose of the grant, any photographs you may have provided, your logo or trademark, or other information or materials about your organization and its activities, in the Foundation's periodic public reports, newsletters, and news releases.

C6.0: Right to Modify or Revoke: The Foundation reserves the right to discontinue, modify or withhold any payments to be made under this grant award or to require a total or partial refund of any grant funds if, in the Foundation's sole discretion, such action is necessary: (1) because you have not fully complied with the terms and conditions of this grant; (2) to protect the purpose and objectives of the grant or any other charitable activities of the Foundation; or (3) to comply with the requirements of any law or regulation applicable to you, of the Foundation or this grant.

C7.0: Counterparts and Electronic Signatures: Except as may be prohibited by applicable law or regulation, this Agreement and any amendment may be signed in counterparts, by facsimile, PDF, or other electronic means, each of which will be deemed an original and all of which when taken together will constitute one agreement. Facsimile and electronic signatures will be binding for all purposes.

C8.0: Confidential and Proprietary Information: You agree that you will not, at any time make use of or divulge to any other person, organization, or corporation any confidential or proprietary information concerning the business or policies of the Foundation without prior written consent from the Foundation. For purposes of this Agreement, any confidential or proprietary information shall constitute any information designated as confidential or proprietary by the Foundation or otherwise known by the grantee to be confidential or proprietary information including, without limitation, donor information which includes, without limitation, donor lists, names, addresses, phone numbers, and preferences. Confidential and proprietary information excludes any information which is known publicly or is in the public domain or hereafter enters the public domain without the fault of grantee.

C9.0: Ethics and Compliance Program: You acknowledge and accept full and sole responsibility to maintain an ethics and compliance program appropriate for your business throughout the performance of this Grant. The Foundation strongly encourages your organization to model its program in accordance with any Federal and State policies, applicable guidance from enforcement authorities, and industry best practices. Your organization shall publicize to its employees and volunteers who are engaged in the performance of work under the Grant that they may report any concerns of misconduct by going to Ethics@RedString website.

Records and Reports

R1.0: Records and Final Report: You are required to keep a record of all receipts and expenditures relating to this grant and to provide the Foundation with a written report summarizing the project promptly following the end of the period during which you are to use all grant funds. If your organization obtains any audited financial statements covering any part of the period of this grant, please provide a copy to the Foundation as well.

R2.0: Interim Status Reporting: You are required to provide the Foundation with written interim reports when requested by the Foundation . Your reports should describe your progress in achieving the purposes of the grant and include a detailed accounting of the uses or expenditure of all grant funds. You also agree to provide any other information reasonably requested by the Foundation.

R3.0: Records Retention: You are required to keep the financial records with respect to this grant, along with copies of any reports submitted to The Foundation, for at least seven (7) years following the year in which all grant funds are fully expended.

Rights of Access, Reviews, and Audits

Q1.0: Reasonable Access for Evaluation: You will permit the Foundation and its representatives, at its request, to have reasonable access during regular business hours to your files, records, accounts, personnel and clients or other beneficiaries for the purpose of making such financial audits, verifications or program evaluations as the Foundation deems necessary or appropriate concerning this grant award.

Q2.0: Monitoring, Review, and Audit: The Foundation may monitor and review your use of the Grant Funds, performance of the Project, and compliance with this Agreement, which may include onsite visits to assess your organization’s governance, management and operations, discuss your program and finances, and review relevant financial and other records and materials. In addition, the Foundation may conduct audits, including onsite audits, at any time during the term of this Agreement, and within four years after Grant Funds have been fully spent. Any onsite visit or audit shall be conducted at the Foundation’s expense, following prior written notice, during normal business hours, and no more than once during any 12-month period.

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