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Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer and a member of our Red String family.  When people inquire about volunteering at Red String, many are amazed at how widespread the need is for the benefits that our charitable grants provide and how easy it is to become a volunteer.  Because we work with a variety of charities supporting a wide range of programs focusing on education, community support, and senior services, our volunteers get unique opportunities to work with a diversity of community charity organizations and projects.  When people come to Red String to help, they are often surprised to realize the exponential benefits that the foundation's grants and projects can have to both our charity partners and the communities that they serve.     

At Red String, volunteers experience the personal satisfaction that comes from helping the neighborhoods and communities that the foundation invests in and from understanding that their personal effort has made a difference in the daily lives of children, families, and seniors who are struggling and need a helping hand.   Whether you help out in one of our volunteer opportunities, or participate in other ways, you’ll become part of the spirit and energy that enables us to serve so many.

We offer a variety of opportunities both in person and virtual to get involved in nearly every aspect of our operations, including fundraising and event planning support, program support, product development support, and  administration support. 


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Fundraising and Event Planning Support

Do you have event planning experience or a passion for creative fundraising? 

We hold a variety of different fundraising and UAIAI fan events annually, and are always looking for new volunteers who are excited to get involved.   We need help creating, planning, advertising, organizing and running fundraising events.   Additionally, if you have new ideas we welcome the chance to discuss them with you.

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Focus Program Support

Are you interested in working directly with a variety of charities and love to meet new people to help solve an array of challenges facing communities and neighborhoods?  Do you have a passion around one or more of our focus programs?  

Our program support volunteers helps us identify potential candidate charities to solicit for proposals,  review grant proposals, perform research, collaborate with candidate and partner charities, develop grant recommendations to the Foundation's Board of Directors, monitor project performance, and evaluate project results.  

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Product Development Support

Do you have a passion for creating and marketing innovative products and services with a user-centered design?   

One aspect of our Foundation is to create innovative products and service that will help us further our mission.  We need help in web-based software development, design thinking, product development, craftsmanship, marketing and sales, project management, and other creative skill sets.  From time to time, we also have other initiatives that utilize a range of creative and marketing skill sets.  Additionally, if you have new ideas we welcome the chance to discuss them with you. 

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Administration Support

If you have administrative experience that you are looking to put to use, we would love your help.  Managing our records, providing excellent customer service, and ensuring effective communications, including social media, on-line, and in-person, are critically important to our operations.  Our administration volunteers assist Foundation officers and staff by helping with data entry, reporting,  memberships, research, communications, and stakeholder relations.   Additionally, we often have other initiatives come up that utilize a range of administration and management skills.  

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