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We provide grants to local, high impact, proven 501c3 public charities working with under-served youth to improve educational and life outcomes, assisting low-income families reach self-sufficiency, and caring for home-bound elderly persons.

Our Founding

The Foundation, established in 2019 by Stan Adachi, deeply reflects his family's history, values, and commitment to help those in need and build community.  These tenets continue to guide the Foundation and its vision for a just and more equitable world.

2009 Family.jpg
Red String Team - Stan Adachi, Tina Wang

Our People

Meet our Board of Directors and Staff

Our Values

Above all else, our shared values guide our actions and reflect our commitments to ourselves and to all our stakeholders.


Our Operations

Our Operating Model, Governance, and Financials

Our Name

Throughout time and across cultures, there is a long-held belief that a red string connects us to those we are destined to meet, protecting us from harm, guiding us to our purpose, and empowering us to be our best. It is this belief that is at the heart of Red String.

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