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Our Giving: 2Q Update

We just completed our first set of 2022 grants and congratulate all of our grantees. We are honored to be partnering with such amazing organizations and collaborating with them to make positive differences in the lives and livelihoods of all the people that they touch and within the communities that they work.

This year, we are proud to be continuing to grow our impacts and deepen our relationships, at the same time, we have been working to restructure our Jeff Adachi Legacy Project (JALP) to refocus our efforts in the San Francisco Bay Area to better reflect, preserve, and carry forward the vision and legacy of the late San Francisco Public Defender and community activist Jeff Adachi (1959-2019). Learn more about all our 2Q Grants and Grantees below. If you like our videos, please subscribe to our new Red String YouTube channel:


Jeff Adachi Legacy Project (JALP) 2Q Grants



Red String 2022 Grant Project:

Serving 2,500 children and youth who reside in low-wealth neighborhoods in Oakland and Sacramento, EBAYC provides intensive personalized support to young people most impacted by poverty, violence, and trauma; operates youth service centers at neighborhood public schools; and organizes families to secure public investments that improve the lives of all young people.

For the first time since the start of the COVID health pandemic, EBAYC is bringing back its four week summer bridge program, Camp Thrive. Starting in July, the program brings together 200 middle school youth to four East Bay regional parks to participate in outdoor adventure activities while gaining important life skills. This year's theme, “The Power of Me,” is designed to challenge and engage students in a fun, collaborative environment as they build connections with themselves, their culture and their community.

Larkin Street Youth Services


Red String 2022 Grant Project:

In the heart of the Tenderloins of San Francisco, there is a spot of sunshine called Larkin Street Youth Services, a place where homeless and displaced children and young adults aged 12-24 find refuge from the hustle and bustle of inner city life. While there, youth have the opportunity to participate in a

comprehensive arts program where they can reflect and heal themselves through creative expressions and performance nights.

Red String is a sponsor for Larkin Street’s Performing Arts Night, a two night performance scheduled for July or August that showcases the works of 20-25 youth from Larkin’s arts laboratories. The event is attended by over 300 people.

Sunset Youth Services


Red String 2022 Grant Project:

Sunset Youth Services offers a multifaceted program that specializes in serving youth with juvenile records through digital arts, workforce development, restorative justice, family support and healing arts programs, giving their youth an opportunity to thrive.

In some cases, Sunset’s youths have outstanding non-criminal fines (e.g. traffic violations), that were unable to be converted to community service. These holds create roadblocks to jobs, education and vocational training, and safe housing. Saddling youth with debt is counter-productive and does little to reduce juvenile recidivism. Red String funding will help pay off these fines to restore hope and offer Sunset youths a fresh start in life.


Other Red String Grants 2Q Grants

Jubilee Reach


Red String 2022 Grant Project: Although the impacts of COVID has lessened over the past year, the advent of higher inflation and wage stagnation continues to make food security a persistent issue for many families in the Bellevue communities. Red String funded lunches for elderly participants of Jubilee’s senior lunch program as well as continued our financial support of Jubilee’s Groceries for Families program.



Red String 2022 Grant Project:

An internship can change a life. Red String is providing funding for two EXP Internship Program participants. The program is a summer bridge program for 11th-grade EXP students enrolled in high schools throughout Southern California. This program brings together employers, educators and parents to prepare high school students for tomorrow's workplace. By participating in the Internship Program, students gain experience, unlock doors and build the confidence they need to succeed in school, career and life. Red String sponsored internships for two summer interns as well as volunteered at EXP's mock interview sessions to prepare EXP students for their summer internship interviews.

Northwest Education Access


Red String 2022 Grant Project:

We recognize that ensuring students have the right resources and supplies is critical for achieving success in their learning and academics.

Red String provided funding for NWEA to purchase needed laptop accessories and school supplies to help ensure that their college bound students are equipped with the right tools and resources to succeed in their first year of college.



Red String 2022 Grant Project:

With the restrictions due to the COVID health pandemic beginning to be lifted, J-SEI is working to safely and responsibly bring back in-person programs and services and allowing the elderly participants to once again reconnect, reengage, and have some fun.

To ensure a safe and controlled environment, J-SEI is creating comfortable outdoor open spaces in which to conduct their programs and dining. Red String funded two 10x20 canopies, canopy weights, and patio heaters that will allow J-SEI to utilize their outdoor space.


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